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As a part of dental tourism, we offer treatment that can match with some of the best in the world. At the same time, we are here to ensure that your tour to India would be a memorable and a fun-filled experience. Your health is our prime concern.

We partner with prominent travel agencies who take you on a tour to various cities, backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments and places of historical importance in our country. Or you can choose a simple package and travel in and around the city visiting various monuments and beaches. Our team can also help you in arranging for your visa, your stay in the city and other such activities come under the various packages that we offer. It is not just a visit to a country of great epic history, but also the right place to electrify your taste buds with the famous traditional Indian food.

We value the money and time you invest in the dental tour.

Nagpur Oranges – The Nagpur Speciality

One of well known specialties of Nagpur is the world famous Nagpur orange, the cultivation of which in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has brought indispensable glory to the region.

Zero Mile Stone – The Middle Point of India

Zero Mile Stone is said  to be the exact middle point or center of India. This   important place is decorated by beautiful statues of horses. Because of this Nagpur     City has got importance of being in the ‘Heart of the Country’/ Centrally located place.

The Diksha Bhoomi – An Inspiration

Bharat Ratna Dr B. R. Ambedkar along with thousands of his followers embrassed Buddhism on Oct  14′ 1956 at Deekshabhoomi located  at  western Nagpur near Ramdaspeth. Since then the site is regarded as a pilgrimage centre for Buddhist. A memorial has since been constructed at the spot. l. The President of India has recently inaugurated this majestic monuments that is a symbol of national integration and secularism and a place of pride for Nagpurians.


Kamptee, satellite township of Nagpur, has recently earned a scintillating identity through the magnificent Dragon palace temple. The unique Buddhist temple with its attractive architecture and landscape was inaugurated on 23 Nov’ 1999 by Mother Noriko Ogawa society, Japan on the follow-up  by local MLA and minister of state of water and sanitration Ms  Sulekha Kumbhare.

The temple sprawls on 10 acre of land, having a serine and beautiful buddhist prayer centre. A hude idol of Lord Buddha  is installed on the first floor of the Meditation hall which is carved out of a Single Sandalwood block. The temple with its characteristic architecture has already received an international award for best  concrete structure. The dazzling while walls of the temple signify for peace, purity and divinity. The devotees who assemble there chant ‘Nangu-Mayo-Ho-Renge-Kyo’ during the meditating hours. The architechtural masterpiece of Nagpur i.e. the Dragon Palace temple is also called ‘Lotus Temple’ & stands tall amidst sprawling lush green lawns, dotted with flowering plants & laid down in an attractive landscape pattern. The Ogawa society which maintains the temple also looks after allied social activities which include running a mobile hospital, a welfare centre, an orphanage & a school for poor.


At Vishvakarma nagar, on Manewada Road is yet another unique place which can truely be called gem of Nagpur. This is a building called Jaadu Mahal (the magic place) which is constructed by famous Magician of Nagpur Late Sunil Bhavsar. This is perhaps the only magic palace in the country with its unique characterisation. In this premises various magic tricks are demonstrated. The Jaadu Mahal remains open even on sundays. Its a treat to visit this gem of Nagpur.


In the premise of Shri Laxmi Narayan temple located in Nandanvan area of east Nagpur, a trust of religious Nagpurian has decided to construct a 51 feet statue of Lord Shiva . The pledged gaint size statue has been designed by sculpture Shri Indrageet  Sakharam Tidke of Malakoti distt. , Nanded The constructed  of this unique statue has already began at the site. Once completed , this will be one of the most magnificiant statues in Vidharbha and perhaps India . It is likely to prove one of major centres of attraction at Nagpur.


The musical garden is constructed at Surya Nagar, Nagpur under the direction of NIT trustee Jaiprakash Gupta. The sprawling garden besides having having a landscaped garden and lawn, will also have musical fountains, curious architectural sites based on  ragas, raganis, and nodes of Indian Classical music which  will be operated by musician. There will also be a huge open air theatre sufficient to accomodate about 2500 music loving crowd in the premises where large concerts can be organised .The musical garden when complete, will inspire Children to take up music as their career and  will prove to a centre of attraction of Nagpurians.

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