Habit Breaking Appliances



What are the different habits that can be encountered in children?

This can be thumb sucking, finger biting, nail biting, lip biting, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting etc.,

What are habit breaking appliances?

These are appliances that is made by a dentist to combat the above mentioned habits in children. They can be either a fixed or removable type.

What are the deleterious effects of these habits?

If these habits are continued for a prolonged period of time that can result in gum disease, change in position of teeth and change in shape of the jaws.

Is there any ideal age when these habits can be corrected?

No. whenever the habit is first noticed it is better to consult a pediatric dentist. He may give suggestions depending upon the habits.
Is there any common cause for these habits?
One can probably assume that there may be some kind of psychological disturbance in the child’s mind. this must be identified and rectified at an earlier stage whenever possible because these kind of things can affect the child’s overall development.
Sometimes the first child starts thumb sucking once the second child is born because of lack of attention.

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